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October 15, 2015

Blessed with an Unbroken Spirit

About 2 months ago, I received a special key from a very good friend who has been a part of the team behind building the company, The Giving Keys. This key was imprinted with "ENDURANCE". Seeing the anguish I was going through after learning that one of our beautiful dogs was suffering from cancer and had recently suffered a stroke, he gave me this amazing gift. He said it was finally the moment to pay it was the time to give his key away. As he removed the key from around his neck and placed it around mine, he told me the story of The Giving Keys and how he received his key. I couldn't stop thinking about it all night. I loved the concept from beginning to end.

In the coming days I spent 24/7 caring for my ailing Golden baby, Izzy. Our beautiful girl touched so many lives, including that of our special friend who gave us "ENDURANCE". She was my angel baby with whom I now shared this special key... as she struggled to overcome her stroke, and as I struggled with the notion of losing her. We hoped, we slept, we endured, but after three weeks we had to say goodbye. We like to think that she "ran ahead" ears flapping in the wind, galloping like a little pony. Endurance was the perfect key for Izzy, for she had come to us from an abusive situation 6 years prior, yet somehow blessed with an unbroken spirit. She was grateful for everything and everyday of her life, just as my husband and I are grateful for having her in our lives, and for our family and friends who gave us ENDURANCE through this most painful loss. Thank you "Uncle T".



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  • So cute. Beautiful

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