Peace for Wherever You Go

Life has been difficult with retiring from the military, moving, starting a new job, children not adjusting well etc. So I purchased myself a necklace that said "PEACE". I felt like if I could just concentrate on that word, maybe I would find peace in my life. Fast forward about 5 months. I was on a business trip and I asked my oldest daughter, who lives 13 hours from me, to meet me in Cleveland after the conference and spend the weekend with me. She is a very nervous driver and it would be a 3 hour drive for her (better than 13). After some thought she said she would come if her husband could come so he could drive. I said OK. However, by the time the conference came around he was close to graduating from grad school, had sent out a ton of resumes and had a job interview scheduled in Nashville the Monday after the conference. Well they came and my son-in-law flew from Cleveland to Nashville leaving my precious nervous daughter to drive home alone. After her hubby left she confided in me how nervous she was about their future. Would her husband find a job, would it be closer to us (her family)? What about her job? Student loans would come due. She went on and on and on and she still had to drive 3 hours alone. I reached up and realized I was wearing my "PEACE" giving key. I instantly thought she needs some peace in her life. I told her the story of the giving keys and gave her my key. She cried and thanked me. When I talked with her after her drive home, she said it went very smoothly and she ended up not being that nervous. Now she was going to concentrate on being excited about their future instead of nervous. It was a beautiful moment. Thank you Giving Key!