What Makes you Stronger

Nothing to make anyone cry here - this is a story of pride and love...I am the original owner of this "believe" key and I am specifically sending it on a journey with Samantha who just graduated high school and will be heading off to Dublin, Ireland for a semester then to North Eastern University in Boston, MA. We have know "Sami" since she was 6 and have watched her grow into a smart, funny, caring and beautiful young woman. All of these amazing kids that are leaving home for the first time have no idea what is in store for them. It could all be good, but also I suspect they will see their fair share of challenge, heart break, and sadness. This key is a reminder that we believe in her and that no matter what she has the power to believe in someone else who may need it...knowing you have that power makes you stronger and Sami, I know you will come out shining on the other end of life's journey. We love you lots, Jade, Bob, Jordan and Reggie