True Strength

I found out about the key through my girlfriend, when looking for a birthday present for my mother. My girlfirend saw the strength key and thought that would be a good gift to give and that it perfectly represents my mother. My Mother is the strongest person I know. She grew up admiring and working with my grandfather on our families cattle ranch and had aspired to run the ranch herself one day in the same productive and proud manner that my grandfather did for years. She studied carefully how my grandfather ran the operation and so she could apply those same practices one day herself. She is now a succesful cattlewoman running the family cattle opreration on her own. She does everything that is required to run the ranch and continue the productive cattle operation. She never shirks a task no matter how big or difficult it is, she just puts her head down and keeps on going showing us all what true strength is. I am so proud of my mother and what she has done with the ranch and i know my grandfather is smiling down on her everyday knowing that she has continued the high standard that he has set. This bracelet is for you mom, because you are the strongest person i know. I love you and Happy Birthday.