God Given Grace

I paid it forward with my key that states, "Grace" by giving it to a co-worker. This co-worker has taught special education for 30+ years at the middle school level. I had the pleasure of working with her for the past three years. This amazing woman has dedicated her time, and it is now time for her to retire. Without her God given grace she would not have served, and changed the lives of the amount of children she did in her career. Retirement is something she's been longing for as she dreamed of more time with her husband on their farm. Her world was turned upside-down a few months ago when she tragically lost her husband due to health complications. Since his passing, everything imaginable has broken, gone missing, and simply gone wrong. Her strength and grace to preserve through each obstacle has been an absolute inspiration to me. I pray this key is a daily reminder of her God given grace.