Faith through the most Difficult Times

Mrs. Hall is my daughter’s fourth grade teacher. I remember the last day of third grade when Carolyn came home squealing that she got Mrs. Hall for 4th grade. She simply could not contain herself. After this school year, I know why!!!  

Mrs. Hall loves every single one of her students. She genuinely loves them and loves teaching them and it shows. It shows in the way she speaks to them, it shows in the way they speak to her. It shows in the way she gets them to learn. Carolyn was fortunate to spend her 180 days of fourth grade in a fun happy, and nurturing classroom. Mrs. Hall always encouraged my daughter to do her best. She embraced Carolyn’s confidence and let her shine in the class by allowing her to help others and share her smarts, but she also knew how to encourage Carolyn and redirect her with positive reinforcement when she needed it.  

About a month ago, Mrs. Hall started getting sick, she missed some school but tried her best to be there for her students as much as she could even when she was not feeling well. Unfortunately, Mrs. Hall is still not feeling well and after many tests and doctor appointments she still has no answers. For this reason, I am giving my bracelet inscribed with the word FAITH to Mrs. Hall. Right now she needs this more than I do and I hope that while wearing the bracelet she will be reminded that Faith is powerful and it will bring you peace in the most difficult times. I have faith that she will find the answers she is looking for and one day she will pass this bracelet on to another person who needs it more!
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