Fullness and Freedom

Sometimes there are gifts in life that take months, or even years, to reveal the fullness of themselves to us.

When I was given my TRUTH key, it came with a story about how the giver felt that LET GO was actually the right key for me, but that would have been too strong of a statement. The giver of the key was my ex-husband, a man who I had loved through his 'coming out' process to our friends and family, which eventually resulted in our divorce. We loved each other beautifully, graciously, exceedingly through the entire process and truly wanted to stay in each other's lives beyond our marriage.

But as I began to live out this "simple shift" from wife to best friend, it became painfully apparent to me that I wouldn't fully heal if we were to remain in each other's lives. As time would reveal the TRUTH that I needed to speak to him was that I really did need to LET GO of him. It was part of a season of 'speaking my truth' in many areas of my life as I began to find my backbone and my own voice in situations where I normally would have defaulted to what the other person needed or wanted more than my own needs or wants. There were so many of these conversations that I can remember specifically wearing my TRUTH key as an added layer of armor, a deeper reminder of why I needed these words to be spoken because I needed to be set free, to allow the fullness of who I am to be revealed instead of hiding behind the bigness of others in my life or the shame of my story.

As my strength grew, it became apparent that this season of TRUTH telling had ended as I was living in the fullness and freedom of knowing myself, of 'owning my story' as Brene Brown would say, but the key hadn't found its next home yet. And then I was on the phone one night with my best friend of 10+ years, a woman whose walked the journey of my joys and sorrows in a more intimate way than anyone else. And in that one conversation, I knew in my spirit that she needed my TRUTH key. It had found its new home.

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