Sometimes You Need A Push To Find Your Purpose

I’ve had a really tough couple of years where I lost my husband (divorce), my house, two pets (passed away), and my childhood car died (not as big of a deal, but just an added loss). Through all of this, I found myself feeling very lost and without direction. I know for a fact that I wouldn’t have been able to do this without the support of my friends, my family, and most importantly, my relationship with Christ. But sometimes, even with all that support and with the knowledge that I would come through it a stronger and healthier person, I still felt very heartbroken and listless. Through therapy and all of this support, I did find myself getting stronger AND healthier. I liked myself better and found that my relationships were getting even stronger through this growth. I still struggled with my job, feeling the weight of my life circumstances outweighed my love of my job, making it difficult to concentrate.

So, when I discovered The Giving Keys, my heart rejoiced. I love helping other people, be it through charities, giving a meal to someone in need, or simply just encouraging those that I cross paths with in my daily life. The Giving Key encompassed all three! I was elated! I decided that the most poignant word I could put on my key was “Purpose,” relating to my life in many ways: Everything (painful and joyful) in my life has a purpose. Everything that WILL happen in my life has a purpose. And most importantly, I have a purpose. I loved this key so much and wore it every day, but I was always on the lookout for someone that I felt needed it more (secretly hoping I wouldn’t find them, because I really didn’t want to give it away. Haha.).

Recently, I went on a trip to Tennessee to visit my brother and his family. They have been really struggling financially (and as a result emotionally and mentally), since the economic downturn. My brother owned his own business, but it wasn’t able to survive the economic climate, so he had to let all of his employees go, along with the entire business. It was a very sad thing for him. Not to mention the stress it puts on him to provide for his six children (two of which are adopted, to give you an idea of how amazing he is). Through all of his struggles, whenever he is asked how he is doing he says, “You know, it’s hard. But I’m fine, because I know God will carry me through this. I’m just waiting to hear what He wants me to do.”

I’ve always been encouraged by my brother’s strength, courage, and faith. So, when we were finally spending some alone time together (which is tough with the aforementioned six children, haha.), we were talking about his situation and how he was feeling. However, a Post-It on his computer screen drew my attention. It said, “What is your purpose?” I asked him who wrote that, and he said he did. When I asked why, he shared with me that he was feeling hurt and resentful that he was waiting patiently for God to give him direction and that it was taking so long. As we have often found, God’s timing looks nothing like our timing.  I knew, right then, who my key belonged to.

The next day, when my brother drove me to the airport, I took off my key and told him, “I think you’re at a place that you need this more than me, because I KNOW you will find your purpose.” He knew what the story of the key was since I had already explained the meaning of my key several times on this trip, as people had asked me why I was wearing a key necklace.  I told my brother that I loved him and hoped the key brought him as much encouragement as it has brought me. And my brother, being the amazing man he is, teared up a little. I was glad to know it meant as much to him as it meant to me.

The encouragement and love that this simple key necklace gives is AMAZING! Thank you so much for this insightful idea, using it to support the couple that you’re helping, and the hope that it gives to all the people receiving their gifts. I apologize for the length of my post, but it’s been such an inspiration for me that I really couldn’t seem to cull it down any further without losing the essence of what it has meant for me. Thanks again!

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