I got my Giving Key, and many of my friends said “That key is WAY too expensive, and it really doesn’t mean anything.” But I new they were completely wrong, because I already had a plan for my key.
One day, I got a call saying that my grandmother was in the hospital, again. She was having a lot of problems, and things didn’t look too great for her. This news devastated me, for I was very close to my grandmother. My mother went to jail when I was very young, and I moved in with my grandparents. During this time, my grandmother acted just like my mother.
So I drove straight to the hospital 2 hours away to see her. She looked horrible, nothing like MY grandmother.
I couldn’t stay long, because I had school the next day. So I gave her my giving key that said STRENGTH, and I told her she had to be strong for me, and for herself.
She told me she would, and she ended up making a recovery and she’s much better now.
She still has her giving key just in case she gets sick again.
Thank you, Caitlin, for helping me give my grandmother the strength she needs.

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