I recently ordered a ‘FAITH’ Giving Key after going through some struggles with my faith. I was feeling unlovable,ashamed and unworthy of a Savior. My friend Kaylie was a huge comfort through out that time, constantly showing me how great God’s love is for us. She is one of the most kind, loving, and God-centered people I have ever known. I don’t think she truly realized how much she helped me.

She is moving to Houston tomorrow to dance for one of her dream companies and I will miss her very much. I was wracking my brain for what I could give her to show how much she means to me and how much I will miss her. It finally occurred to me that I should give her my key (my first one to give away), to remind her every day how she is a shining beacon of faith to everyone around her.

When I gave her the key she was overjoyed.  Couldn’t have asked for a better, more deserving person to ‘pay it forward’ to.