Someone to Lean On

I ordered my key with the word STRONG for myself. I went through a hard, shocking divorce five years ago and the last five years have proved how incredibly STRONG I really am. I never believed it for myself. I didn’t know I was being STRONG at the time, but after so many years, I recognize it. I AM STRONG. I have thrived. I have raised my child by myself and shown her what a STRONG woman looks like.

Today, through Twitter, I learned that one of my twitter friends is going through a hard divorce. She’s got four kids. I read her story and thought about my Giving Key that should be coming soon. Not 10 minutes later, the delivery truck came with my key. I knew it was divine timing.

I am sending her my key with the word STRONG on it. She can do this. And she’ll do it beautifully. She will thrive. Her children will know they are loved. And even through the moments when she feels like she has nothing, because those moments come, she can remember that she is a STRONG, beautiful woman.

Thank you, The Giving Keys, for your inspiration. xoxo