Natalie's Strength

From the very first day I met Natalie, she had cancer. Only, I didn’t know it. I spent a weekend with her showing her homes “For Sale”, and it wasn’t until she showed up to sign papers on her way out of town, that she had a hat on and clearly no hair under that hat. She was cheerful, and spoke and acted with a thankful heart. That contract fell through but I eventually sold she and her husband a house, a year later and after her disease had come back. She has had another recent recurrence, but to talk to her you would not know it. I marvel at her positive attitude, her ability to make those around her feel special, and just the energy in her voice! Her strength is contagious, but I want her to know that I wish for her a renewed strength every day to face any adversity that comes her way. And knowing Natalie, she will quickly find someone to pass this strength key on to, because her attention and caring nature toward others is the core of who she is. I feel lucky to be her friend!