Keeping 'Faith'

I met Caitlin less than a month ago, and she gave me ‘Faith’. I never really thought about why she had given me this specific key, and she was too busy being dragged around a strange city and too busy explaining the ‘Pay it Forward’ aspect of the keys to really touch on the “why.”

But looking back I think I now know why. Its faith in myself, faith in my morals and faith in my own self worth. It’s something that I’ve really been pushing myself to focus on lately and receiving this key simply solidified my need to stick to my guns, and do what I know is right in my heart.

I have all the answers, and now I just need to have ‘faith’ that they are the correct answers.

For now, I’ll be keeping ‘Faith’, to remind me to “keep the faith”, but one day I know I will find someone else who needs to be reminded of this important lesson much more than I do.