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In Honor of a Brother

Five years ago, on May 19 of 2006, my little brother drowned in my pool where a construction worker was working in the backyard (& didn’t hear a sound coming from the water). My little brother was 2 3/4 years old and was 10 days away from his 3rd birthday. How i loved him so much and to say 5 years later he is still in a coma, hurts so bad. I miss him more and more each day and i can honestly say i lost all hope, faith and strength to keep believing every thing would be ok.
A couple of days ago, i shared my story with a friend in class and she then gave me the FAITH key and lifted my heart from soaring pain. I thanked god the moment she put the key around my neck and i am grateful. I held the key and prayed for my faith to return so i can help my 8 yr old brother today.

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