Be Unique

Ever since I was about eight years old, I got bullied. First it was the kids I went to school with, then it was at my workplace (customers would make fun of the way i look, etc) and most days, I can’t get through a day without someone turning their head and pointing at me and making jokes about my appearance to other people. And I don’t even look that different. I am turning 30 next year so basically, I have been bullied and made fun of for over 20 years. I’ve been close to committing suicide twice in my life because I never felt good enough for anybody. But in the past few years I’ve realized that all you can be is yourself. Be unique. And once I realized that, it felt much easier to ignore the people talking about me. Being unique is what saved me so when I ordered my key, ‘UNIQUE’ was the only way to go. I haven’t passed the key on (yet) because for now, I see it as a present from my old self to my new self.