Sharing Strength

I was given my key from a very dear friend at a time when I needed it most. In April, I got dumped completely out of the blue by someone I loved unconditionally, cared deeply about and hoped to marry. I was shocked and devastated. Despite the pain and heartbreak, I still held on hope that we would work it out. I was in a tough spot and I turned to my friends for advice. That’s when Ashley passed her Strength key on to me and I will be forever grateful for her friendship, generosity and support. I wore that key for 7 months and whenever I felt sad or scared or confused, I would hold on to that key and remember that I am a strong woman who is capable of getting through anything and I have amazing friends that care about me and will stand by me forever. My relationship with my boyfriend ultimately did not work out, and now I wear another gift from Ashley, a Believe key. I intend to wear this one until I fall in love again (which hopefully won’t be too much longer!!!) Parting with my Strength key was tough, but I knew I had the inner strength inside me to keep going and I reconnected with a friend who I knew needed it more. She recently suffered an even tougher breakup and was recently diagnosed with diabetes. I sent her the Strength key last week and she is now wearing it proudly. I hope that when she is ready, she too passes it on to someone who needs it and that inspirational key continues to change lives.