A Heartfelt Wish

On November 21, 2011, I left for a two week journey to India. A few days before leaving my good friend, Tanya, handed me a Giving Key necklace with the message WISH on it. Off I went half way around the world where I discovered my heart’s WISH for me – to leave the injustices of my life forever behind me and free my spirit to live my life fully, truly, and deeply.

While in India we stayed at a lovely orphanage, Jeevan Prabhat, in Pondycherry. There were lived with 42 remarkable children and their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Pandey. In addition to having 42 children they call their own, the Pandey’s also have a daughter, Bhavya Pandy that is 12 and in 7th standard. Bhavya’s dream is to become a heart surgeon. As we left Pondycherry for the next part of our journey, I put my key in Bhavya’s hand, thanked her for helping me discover my heart’s wish, and shared my wish for her: Follow your heart and always believe you can be and do anything you desire.