Struggling Musician

Hello, I am a recording artist from Canada. Life was never really easy for me growing up in small town filled with racism, Been kicked out schools etc. Homeless & hungry at one point in my life… I went back and graduated to prove everyone wrong.. I always wanted to be a musician and been doing so of the last 10 years with nothing happening, Someone gave me a key that said “Dreams” & told me the story of the giving keys… It gave me the push i needed i guess for someone to believe in me, Now I run my own recording studio with 3 artists i record, I also record my own projects which i put on iTunes & there doing real well.. I kept the key through out my journey thinking it was like my lucky rabbits foot or something, when i seen a busker telling me his dream of being a musician It felt right that i pass the key on to him & tell him to Dream, Maybe it will give him the push that it gave me & he will successful in what ever he chooses to do  Thanks for letting me be apart of this journey of paying it forward