A Vision of Strength

I purchased my first giving key as a gift for my boyfriend and my very best friend, the word strength holds such a powerful message because my boyfriend is the strongest person I have ever known. This year has been a year of healing and changing my life, my attitude and my behavior so that I can be the person I want to be and it was his strength and help that allowed me the encouragement I needed to make these changes. My boyfriend has Retinitis Pigmentosis and is legally blind with very limited small amounts of vision, and at night he is completely blind. I have spent the last year learning about blindness, how it impacts the person dealing with it and watching this man live his life to the fullest knowing that one day there will be no sight left at all. It is through his strength and purpose that I have been inspired to appreciate each day, find and choose to be happy in spite of your circumstances and to always strive to be the best you can be no matter what lumps life deals you. I am looking forward to seeing his reaction to the giving key tomorrow, and I wanted to share what this key means and the motivation behind giving it. I hope others will find strength to carry on and make this world a better place in spite of their circumstances.