Neighborly Love

I could never decide who to give my “love” key to, there were sometimes that I forgot to put it on in the morning and then later that day I wished I would have had so I could give it to someone I met that day, but sadly, every time that happened, I didn’t have my giving key. I had my key for about a year and decided that I really needed to start looking around harder and wearing my key more. Some one moved in near me a number of months ago, and I barley ever see him outside, but when I do, he’s always smiling. I don’t know him very well, but I felt in my heart that he needed this key. I wrote him a letter and put in an envelope with the key on the chain and left it on his porch. I really hope he enjoys it, and I hope I made the right decision to give it to my neighbor. I plan on buying a new giving key soon, one that says something other than love.