Key to Create

As soon as I saw a local shop, Twist, post these on their FB page I fell in love with the item and the stories behind them. I scurried on up to Twist and purchased “Create”. After immediately breaking the chain when it caught on my parking break while leaning over to get something from the passenger side floor I rehung it on a black waxed string. When wearing the key I found myself considering the creative people in my life and how they each have brightened my life. A light bulb went off, I knew who I would give it to! Last year a woman artist I was acquainted with noticed an art project I was collaborating on, and found one of the symbols in the project in a second hand store. The next time I saw her, she gifted me with a ceramic blue squirrel! It was such a delightful surprise. Yesterday I mailed the key, along with a note to her. I hope she is equally surprised and knows how much I appreciate her kindnesses.