Learning a Little About Faith

I received my Faith giving key in January of 2012.

For a long time I didn’t know what faith meant. I simply thought faith meant being a christian and going to church. Although that is part of faith, faith truly is so much more.
I have to say, I haven’t had the best middle school years. Each year new trials have occurred. Some things, I never thought I could get through. I was constantly feeling alone. For 2 years of my life I basically shut myself out from the world. I stopped talking, and stopped caring.

In June of 2011 I met two people who completely changed my life. These two people mean the absolute world to me. I have no idea where I would be if it wasn’t for these people. The first person’s name is Nicole. Nicole has a heart of no other. There are truly not enough good words in the dictionary to describe her heart. I met Nicole through an Internship she was taking at our church. At the time, I was so depressed that I didn’t even want to try to start a friendship with her. My close friends kept bugging me about because they knew that I needed to be able to talk to someone. I would just ignore them and not care. Then one day, I just opened my eyes and really watched. I watched Nicole during worship time, and listened closely to what she had to say during small group time. A week or so passed and I had finally decided to take up on my friends advice and talk to her. It was honestly the weirdest time in my life having a conversation with her. For the first time in months, I felt happy. Pure happiness. If I remember correctly, I think I went home and cried. And for the first time in my life, I prayed. I prayed that through Nicole and through the love of my friends that I would develop a relationship with Christ. As you can probably tell, that 2nd person is God. God’s love is unconditional. I have realized he will never leave you, or forsake you.

Nicole is currently in Australia following her dream and Gods plan and attending Hillsong International Leadership College.

2 days before she left, she handed me her Giving Key. She said since I had given her mine, she wanted me to have hers. In the past months, I have realized that my Faith key is more than just a “pass down” or “trade.” In these past months, I have learned so much about myself. I have really learned that Faith is so much more than just going to church. Faith, is being the hands and feet of Christ, Faith is reflecting God’s love, Faith is trust. Faith is love. Faith is hope. Faith is being able to be there for someone when they need it most. I have also learned that Faith is being able to not let your past define who you are, and that your story is meant to impact a life.

Nicole, I am forever thankful that you handed me your giving key. I’m so thankful that you came into my life. Seeing the way you love God has made my heart grow 10 times the normal size. God has amazing plans for you. I can’t thank you enough for introducing to God and his unconditional love.

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