Speaking Up

Almost a year ago I ordered my first giving key that read the word “SPEAK.” I had always had a hard time speaking up for myself and for what I believe in. Each time I wore my key, which was almost every day, I would look at my word. I started being able to share my opinion and stick up for those who wouldn’t stick up for themselves. It began to get easier each time I had to stand up and present a project at school.

I recently decided to give my key away because I didn’t need it for myself anymore. I gave it away to the guy that everyone picked on – the one the kids always singled out. I explained to him the rules of The Giving Keys and that someday, when he was ready, he would need to give it away again. He smiled and said it was the best present he has ever received. I can only hope that this key gives him the courage to stand up for himself instead of suffering in silence.

Thank you, Giving Keys, for giving me the opportunity to spread a little hope and letting others know that it’s okay to stand up for yourself.