For the Both of Us

A while back, I ordered a Faith key. I’ve always been one who needs solid, concrete evidence to believe God is working. I have doubts about so many things and I wanted a to keep working at having more faith in every aspect of my life, so the key was a little reminder of that. It was always a little odd then, for me to hear my best friend not only tell me that he thought I had a lot of faith, but had more than anyone else he knew.

A few days ago, I gave my key away to him. And In a way, the reason I gave the key was both for him and for me. As I placed it around his neck, I simply said “Because I have faith in you. I don’t need it anymore.” He was just about to board a plane to go travel and experience life in a few different countries, in addition to just coming back from a year long stay across the sea. He’s an amazing person, who is on an incredible journey, but often has doubts, questions, and feels he just isn’t there yet. I guess part of his reason for going on the first trip was, to say in a cliché way, to “find himself” and become the kind of person he wants to be. It was incredibly hard for me when he left the first time. He was my closest confidant, my best companion, and I felt completely alone without him. But because of it, I was forced to reach out and made amazing friends who now inspire me, pray with me, and gently push me in my own faith to the point where now, I feel like I have a completely different perspective and a lot more faith. It’s still been really hard watching him go, praying that he stays safe and finds the truth in whatever he is seeking. But at some point during his last trip, I had to really give up my worrying for him, and just trust that everything is going to work out. I gave my key to him because I have faith in him and I hope he can have more faith in himself to accomplish what he sets out to do, and that he will be the man he desires to be. But I also gave it to him because of the faith I have for him. I have to give up my worries, let go, and have faith that he will reach the place I know God has planned for him.