Speak Up

I was given the key that is currently part of a personal power item I wear around my neck about a little less than a week ago.

One side reads Bully. Apropos since I am a fanatic change agent in regard to abuse on any level. The other side, even more pertinent reads Speak Up. An action step so in tune with what I am doing now for myself and the circle of life around me.

I cannot publicly name the woman who gave me this due to circumstances surrounding her chosen worklife. I can publicly say Thank You in general because it’s one way of speaking up.

Her act of encouragement to me has been the impetus, breathed the spark of life, inspired me to continue on with the small steps I’ve been taking to express creatively and honor my voice.

To her, and to Giving Keys, I exclaim, Huzzah! And when the time and person pass through my life to whom I release this key, I look forward to returning to post that.