I got the word grace because I felt like I was giving all my grace away but not giving any to myself. I was loving other people the way I wanted to be loved but not loving myself in the way I craved. I kept the key around my neck for about a year and a half. Whenever I looked down, held it or played with it I told myself that I was human. I deserved forgiveness, grace and love just like everyone else- and it took about that long to actually believe it.
I kept the card with me at all times just in case someone else needed to be reminded about their own grace. One day I was sitting across from an old new friend. Old and new because we had drifted apart but recently forgave and forgot. We were talking about how we were and how we thought we should be after all this time and she seemed to have a lot of regret. Where I was talking about confidence and security in me and my flaws, she was eager to gloss over her hurt and condemn her mistakes. I finally got it and decided to give it. I told her about the key and what it meant to me and handed it over. I truly had learned to give myself grace and patience and didn’t need this reminder anymore. It seemed like her path to self forgiveness would need some reminders on the way and I knew how much a little key could do.
I’m so happy I gave it away- because it means I could help her and I had helped myself.