Have Faith, Little One

For nearly a year, I have had a key with the word “Faith” engraved on it.
I bought it in August of last year, around the time of my birthday, feeling worried for the upcoming year of high school and whether or not I would find my niche in life. To me, the word “Faith” means to have faith in myself, in others, in life, and in God’s plan for me.
Over the past eleven months that I have had my key, I found all of these things.
I’ve learned to take leaps of faith in difficult times and now believe that, so long as I have faith, everything will be all right in the end.
My key has been a reminder to me to hold onto faith in hard times, and I was excited to finally pay it forward.
Today, I finally passed my key on to someone who needed all of the things I now have. I gave it to my closest friend; someone who is like a sister to me. Someone I met in first grade, who I grew up down the street from, and who I have been friends with for over a decade.
Recently, her life left her with a lot of burdens and a lot on her plate. She’s put faith in a lot of people who walked out of her life, and will need a lot of faith to make it through the obstacles coming her way in the next few years.
When I realised what a rough time she was having, something got me thinking about my key. As a result, I showed up at her door and we talked for three hours about what was on her mind. I told her I would always be here to help her through the hard times, and I gave her my key. She knew how important it was to me and how long I had been wearing it, and she couldn’t have been happier.
After I had given it to her, I couldn’t help but think of how wonderful it felt to do something so small for someone, yet have such a huge impact on how they feel. And more importantly, that I could share my message with her; to always have faith.

- Rebecca Mary
“Be kinder than necessary, for everyone you meet is fighting some kind of battle.”

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