Float On

Very recently (about an hour ago) I gave away my first giving key. It bore the message “Float On”, and I loved it very deeply. I bought it at a time in my life when it seemed that I had no control over anything. My parents were getting a divorce, I was struggling in school, and I felt I had no where and no one to turn to. One day, while listening to my iPod and drowning in my own self-pity, the song Float On by Modest Mouse came on, rushing into my ears as well as my heart. I had been thinking about getting a giving key prior to this moment, but I could never decide what it was that I wanted to put on it. This song helped me realize that things often happen that tend to get us down in life, and because of that we choose to stand still and just hope that they will pass instead of moving forward. It was after listening to this song that I knew what I had to do- staying locked in my room was not the answer. I had to keep on keeping on. It was also after listening to this song that I decided what message I wanted on my giving key.

I held on to it for a few months. I guess I was looking for someone who was going through the same things I had, and that’s who I would potentially give it to. I originally planned on giving it to a complete stranger, but I guess you can’t plan these things, because I ended up giving it to a very good friend of mine. We met in one of our classes, and the very first day we met I was wearing it. She loved it, and every time I would wear it she would comment on it. Now, let’s get this clear, her parents weren’t getting a divorce. She was doing fine in school. As far as I know, she is as happy as a girl can be. My reasons for getting and my reasons for giving the key to her were completely different. At first I found it bizarre, but then it was sort of wonderful. You see, she was a senior and I was only a sophmore in college. Unfortunately, I only got the pleasure of knowing her a few months. In just a few days she will be moving out of stayed to attend graduate school. In her own way she is “floating on”. And as sad as it makes me to see her go, I couldn’t be more happy for her. But I wanted her to have something to remember me by, so I thought the key was perfect. Plus, it seemed to help me through so much. I can only hope that in times of struggle, my giving key and the message it barest will bring her peace of mind as it did for me so many times.