A Key That Bonds

I am not even sure how I came across y'all. But it was love at first sight. I have been sharing your site and story via Facebook for months. I asked my daughter and husband for a key last Valentines Day. Loved it. Wore it all the time and had lots of people ask me about it. Such a great conversation starter. My key said Loved. Nothing unusual. No big hidden meaning. Just love. I had no idea who I would pass it on to and didn't think much about it. I just knew the time would come. Exactly a month after I got it, my Dad became sick. He had been in poor health for years, but this time it was terminal cancer. He was to start radiation and chemo immediately. I flew out to be with him and my family on a Friday. My Dad was a man of few words, especially the last few years. I brought my key thinking I would give it to him prior to his first radiation treatment on Tuesday. Just to have or hold, I just wanted him to know and feel that he was loved. Sadly, he passed away on that Monday. I never got to give him my key, but I was able to spend time with him and tell him I loved him. I brought my key back home with me and never put it back on. I hung it up in my closet and kinda forgot about it. A couple months passed and one of my best friend's dads became ill with cancer. He had fought it a few times and beat it. He made the choice to stop fighting and I watched my friends heart break. I knew immediately she was the one who I was supposed to give my key too. I sent it to her right away, told her my story and told her it was hers now and she was to do with it what she saw fit. She came to terms with her dads decision and was also able to spend time and enjoy his last few weeks. I am not sure if she shared the key story with him or not. But I know she loves her key and wears it pretty much every day, along with another charm that also has special Daddy meaning. She told me she will never give it away... But buy a new one to carry on Paying It Forward. It bonds us and I can't imagine anyone else wearing this key. 

- Carey Sutton