Giving After Hurricane Sandy

On November 11 I went to the Hudson Valley Hospital Center's Women's Symposium in Garrison, NY. This was a week post Hurricane Sandy and people were shell-shocked. On the table were gifts - your keys. 

I received "GIVE." 

It seemed appropriate since I had been one the fortunate few to have power - thus our home became a diner, a charging station, a laundromat, a hotel, a place where people could walk in a room, flip a switch and actually have light.

On the same weekend, my friend and trainer, Jen Clark, who has gotten my body into shape this year was competing in a body building event in Providence, RI. It did not go the way she hoped it would.

On November 14 she came to my house while I consoled her on what she felt was a loss. I felt it was indeed a gain - for she constantly GIVEs of herself to me and the many other women (most all of us over 40) who she trains.

She is a shining star who gives selflessly of herself. And so, I passed "GIVE" on to her.