A Letter To My Sisters

I have three of the most incredible younger sisters a girl could ask for. As we have grown older, "closer" in age and understanding this crazy world we have decided to not give Christmas gifts to each other. When I found The Giving Keys I knew I'd have to break the rules. You see, you three women are so inspiring to me. Being the oldest, I was always the babysitter and the one who was to "pave" the way. I always thought I'd be the one teaching and showing them what life was about and how to do this and that but the truth is I have learned so much from each of you. I could not go through this life with out you. It is funny to me to think back about how much we hated each other for the silliest reasons and how we drove mom crazy with our fights and arguments which often still happen today but at least we can laugh about them now :). In short, I am thankful for such gifts you three are to me that I am giving you keys.

For Stacie: I am giving you "Be U". You are the one I had the most fights with growing up. Sharing a room with me was no easy feat I know. I also know that it was often hard for your voice to be heard, for your thoughts be your own, and your decisions to be wise. Being the middle child always made you "special" and often defined you. I have watched you grow and become who you are today. A strong willed, independent thinker and kind woman. Be U is just a reminder to not let other or things define you.

For Shannon: I am giving you "Courage". You are outspoken, strong willed, silly and often mommy brained but also one of my best friends. I am giving you courage because sometimes life isn't too kind but yet being a mom you have to keep going and keep being strong just like our Mom was for us. 

For Lianne: I am giving you "Conquer". You are the sweetest person I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. That alone makes me proud to call you my sister. The perseverance you have shown and not giving up on your dreams of being coming a nurse is undeniable. I could not be any more proud of you. 

I love you three. Merry Christmas xo

- Danielle

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