The Light of a Teacher

I bought one of the small keys with the word "Light" for Leesa, my son's special education teacher and biggest in-school advocate. She has really been a light in our life and has helped him make a complete academic turnaround so that he can reach his potential and spread his own gifts and light out in the world. 

My son is extremely bright and talented, and he also has very real challenges that make him struggle to succeed in a traditional school environment. Because of his abilities, we have had to fight the impression of many of his teachers and school officials that his poor grades were based on laziness and his own choice. He also had trouble making and keeping friends and was the lone child in the lunchroom when he was younger.

Leesa joined our team in his freshman year and helped to get him into a class (that she teaches) that provides the exact support he needs. He has gone from getting Fs and Ds in most of his classes and having low self-esteem, to earning As and Bs and gaining confidence from helping the other kids in Leesa's class using the strengths he already had. Leesa has created a nurturing environment for all of these kids where they can feel at home, so the kids in the class have become a community for my son.

Leesa has also gone to bat for my son when dealing with other teachers who still don't quite understand him and when a bully from his past re-emerged. It was such a relief to have someone else intently looking out for him instead of heading into battle alone. She has really been there for us, and everyone can see what a difference it has made to my son. He is starting to soar in his chosen field, and his prospects now are so different than they were last year. 

We want Leesa to know what a bright light and positive force she is. <3

- Kimberley

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