My 2nd Key Said Courage

I had been wearing my key pretty much every day for about 2 years.

I was in a musical for my school, we were doing Sound of Music.
It was one day before the musical and someone told me that the girl who was playing the main lead (Maria) had almost thrown up because she was so nervous.

Having worn my giving key everyday I tended to forget about it, it was basically a piece of me, put it on in the morning, take it off before bed. 

The girl who played Maria and all the rest of the cast (including me) all did fine. 
At the end of the night on our last showing I thought to myself, I really should have given her the key the first night as a good luck charm.... Still really wanting to give it to her I thought of another reason. I walked up to her and said took the key off my neck, I held it out to her and told her...

"This is a Giving Key, i bought it to specifically give away to someone who I thought needed a little courage. I pointed to the word imprinted on the key, "I should have given it to you on the first night as a good luck charm but I wasnt really thinking about it, so I'm giving this to you for the courage you showed coming out every night with a smile, not showing everyone how nervous you were." 

She gave me the biggest hug ever and put the key around her neck.

I can't wait to save up to get my 3rd key that will say hope.

- Savannah

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