Faith To Get Through Cervical Cancer

Back in October, I went to the Catalyst Conference in Atlanta, GA, which is where I found The Giving Keys. I met Caitlin Crosby, (who btw is just so sweet!) chatted with her for a bit, and learned all about The Giving Keys. I just loved the idea behind this organization, so I purchased a bracelet and a key that had the word 'Faith' on it. I loved that key and what it meant, so I wanted to hold on to it for a long while. 

So, 2 months later, that 'long while' was up. I found someone who needed that key more than I did. I gave that key to Rebecca. 

Rebecca and I have only known each other for about a year and we don't know each other very well. Rebecca and I met when she trained me for the job that I currently have, so we only really had 2 weeks of interaction with each other. I see Rebecca occasionally because she didn't cut ties with any co-workers when she left the job, so she comes to visit every now and then and we will chat a little. One day recently, Rebecca came in to the office with tears in her eyes and asked if she could talk to everyone in the office. We all gathered into a room and listened to Rebecca tell us about her recent discovery. 

Rebecca had been diagnosed with cervical cancer. 

Rebecca is a single mother of 2 teenage girls, so things were already hard enough financially and emotionally. Cancer is not what this mother wanted to hear about. We all prayed for Rebecca before she left the office that day and asked her to keep us informed of the progress and treatments. 

Today, on December 5th, 2012, Rebecca, still teary-eyed, came in to the office again to inform us of her surgery coming up on the 18th. She has lost 5 pounds in the past week due to anxiety and stress about her health. It had been on my heart for a while to give her my Giving Key, and I felt it was finally time to give it to her. Before she left the office today, I pulled her aside, told her about The Giving Keys, and gave her my key. We cried, hugged, and she accepted it. 

To say the least, I love The Giving Keys, I loved my first Giving Key, and I will definitely be purchasing another. :)

- Caitlin