Letting Go Of The Past

In April of this year my father left my mother after being married to her for 41 years. 41 years is a very long time for people to live together. It is even a longer time for people to live together and then decide to part ways. This separation has been quite difficult for my mother. After such a long time together she has had to do something she has never done before in her life. Live alone. It has been even more difficult for her as a result of my father's behavior leading up to their parting. 

It is very difficult to move on when you do not fully understand the reason for what is happening around you. It is also very human to want to understand why such things happen and to wonder if you can ever have back what you once had. My father has made it very clear that he will not go back to my mother. He may never admit to what has caused him to up and leave my mother at the age of 65.
It is a good philosophy to not fret things that we cannot change. There is nothing my mother can do to bring my father back. I hope that she can move on and find the strength that has enabled her to bear and raise two difficult boys into men. I hope she finds herself and maybe even someone else along the way. When I saw this key in the gift shop at the hospital where I work I knew that I had to give this gift to my mother. LET GO her key says. I hope she wears this until she has healed and finds someone equally in need of moving on to share her key with.

I love you mom. Its never too late to move on and grow in ways we never expect to. Thank you for always being there for me. We are here for you now.

- Jason

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