Friendship Growing From Tragedy

It was the week before the holiday and I was having trouble looking for a gift for my boyfriend's mother til I saw The Giving Keys website. Any gift we gave each other has great meaning to it and I wanted this year to be special for her. I saw GRATEFUL and immediately thought "this was the one," I had to get it because I'm so grateful to have this woman be a part of my life. Before I begin to tell you why I'm grateful for her, her son and I started dated 2 years ago. In January of 2011 he passed away. He was my bestfriend, the love of my life and he meant the world to me and her. So her and I became very close after that like a mother and daughter thing, bestfriend forever type of friendship grew. She was there for me in any situation and I was there for her to put a smile on her face. So grateful is how I feel when I see her and the giving keys made it a great way for me to tell her.

- Damariz