Unexpected Leukemia Diagnosis

I asked for this key as a gift for mothers day last year. I was at a point in my life that I was not happy in life at home or at work. I love my family but due to an abundance of ADD/ADHD issues its a lot to handle and manage. I was just about to hit my limit! My husband asked me what word I wanted and I told him to chose one for me that would help me! He chose strength! I have enjoyed wearing it. I think our lives are on the way to becoming a bit more manageable! 

I got a different job with a wonderful family. They are generous, kind, flexible, accommodating and I am loving my job and working with them! They went away on vacation and their 16 year old son got an ear infection. When they got him to the hospital, they were told he had leukemia. I felt like I was hit with a frying pan to my face. I cannot imagine how this MOM and DAD felt!!! I have been speechless and in a bit of a daze since they told me. I have offered to do anything needed! I wandered around my house, what can I take to her as she and her husband are sleeping in the hospital for days on end. I saw my key necklace. That was it she needed STRENGTH!!!! 

I had some bills and things from the office to bring to her home so I wrote a note explaining and I am leaving it on the kitchen table. I hope she understands and appreciates it the way I did! I will let you know how it goes! Thank you for this opportunity to share!

- Fern

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