Believing In Yourself

Hi, my name is Jimmy and my story began aroud this time last year. 
I stumbled upon "the Giving Keys" after hearing about it constantly through following the band Foster the People on Twitter. I then began to research it and my attention was immediately caught. I had to get one, so I did. I purchased a key with the word "Believe" engraved on it. I know cliche, but my reasoning was much more personal. I struggled with accepting and finding who I really was in life, what I wanted to do. I knew I had to start somewhere and I needed that little extra push of motivation because I had no one. Only people telling me how I would never amount to anything in life, I was a loser, fat, ugly, no one loves me. None of that mattered to me though, I wanted to show all of these people that I CAN do it. 
I had set a New Years Resolution to lose 50 lbs by next year.I was 275 lbs at this time. I had some issues come up and I never really started working on that resolution until June. I had never Believed in anything more than myself at this point. Anytime I went to workout, I would look at my key and it would remind me to Believe in myself. I CAN accomplish anything I set my mind to. Long story short, by December I had dropped 70 lbs. 
I had accomplished my resolution and even set another to lose some more weight and join an acting class to start on my future goal in life. To become an actor.
I had my bestfriend who was down on her luck. People were constantly degrading her, she felt stupid, like she was going nowhere in life, depressed. I knew it was time for me to pay my key forward so I did. I wrote a long letter to her explaining that she needed to believe in herself and that she could accomplish anything in life, take me for example. Now when I went over to give the key to her, it was waterworks. She promised to always believe. Hopefully this helps to inspire others, because I'm as motivated as ever.

- Jimmy