To Truly Live

I have had my Giving Key for almost a year. I had actually asked for it for my birthday last year and my little sister bought one for me. I had her inscribe the word LIVE on it because I know I needed the reminder to live each day to the fullest and face my fears, whatever they may be. I've worn this necklace literally all over the world. I have been blessed with many opportunities to meet many people but I have never felt like it was quite right to give the necklace away... Until today. My travels have taken me to the beautiful islands of New Zealand. I met a young teenage girl who will remain nameless, but who for the last few years has been blessed to live with a loving foster family, who wishes to adopt her. However, due to complicated circumstances the government is trying to send her back to her biological family, where, well lets just say it is not a healthy environment. With tears in both of our eyes I shared how my prayers would be with her and that I wanted her to have this necklace as a reminder to LIVE in the peace that no matter where she is, no matter what happens in her life she is LOVED and someone special. Thank you for the opportunity to encourage two hearts, that of a young girl afraid of the future and my own who has learned to face her fears and truly LIVE.

- Bryden