Stay True, Nothing Else Matters

This story is pretty late but late than never right? Last month I got the chance to go to a solo tour concert with Anthony Green (singer of Circa Survive) and Geoff Rickly (singer of Thursday). I had got the chance to meet Geoff once before, but I wanted to meet him one more time and for a good reason. I have seen him lives several times throughout the years, and since I was little hearing my first Thursday song on the radio, he became my inspiration and shaped who I am today. This time I really wanted to meet him so I could give him my giving key saying Stay True on it. This was the last Thursday song on there last record. I was also lucky enough to see them in concert for the first and one of the last times they played it live ever, this song makes me feel comforted in a way, it's indescribable. Well at this solo concert it just so happened they were having a meet and greet before the show even started and everyone ran in when the doors opened to Anthony who was the main act, and I went up to Geoff being the first person to do this. I handed him the key and said about the organization and gave him the card that comes with the key as well. He looked at me smiled and thanked me, and I even got a picture with him with it on. I know he may not need a Stay True key, he is the most true person I've ever met, but it just felt right to give it to him, it wouldn't of been in better hands. I also asked him what word should I get next and he told me he always says to have hope, so that is what I am currently wearing. If you ever get to see this thank you so much Geoff for everything you have done in my life, even though I've only met you twice, you have pulled me through the best and worst times, and the way you have shaped my life. I can not thank you enough.