Happy Birthday Sami

I got my giving key on Christmas morning from my mom. She told me to give it to someone who I couldn't live without. Of course, I gave it to my best friend. It seems like the cliche thing to do, but honestly, I don't think I would be here today if it wasn't for her. 
In 6th grade, we were both in the same group of friends. By the second semester, I was being terribly bullied by this group. For months I would come to PE to find hateful notes in my locker. I would see these girls thinking they were all high and mighty as they made sure everyone knew my secrets. It seemed I was all alone, getting pushed around (literally) by these girls who used to be my friends.
There was a point where I wasn't coming to school, I felt like the world would just be better if I wasn't there. It would be a struggle for me just to build up the courage to show my face at school. When it seemed like I should just give up, this one girl who was in the group who bullied me, was standing up for me this whole time. When I wasn't coming to school, she was there telling everyone the rumors weren't true. If I was all alone at a lunch table, she would come up to me and sit with me. 
My family and I was beyond grateful. She was my only friend and together we conquered the world (Ok not really but it sure felt like it). Today I can walk by those girls and not feel anything because I know I have Sami to watch my back. She is the nicest, funniest, CRAZIEST, most courageous girl I know. Happy birthday Sami, I love you!