Choosing the Moment

I ordered my first Giving Key a few months back and chose "Grace" because it encompasses so much and is something we all need. I wore it around waiting for the moment I was to give it away, but also slightly fearful about telling someone I thought they needed the word grace. At church we had begun studying Exodus 32 when God tells Moses His name, "I am the LORD, the LORD, the COMPASSIONATE & GRACIOUS God, slow to anger, abounding in love and faithfulness." I knew in an instant that I wanted to order a key that said "Compassion" and wear the two together. Days before this, my manager was sharing with me that I could be a little more compassionate with my coworkers and take time out of my busy day to ask how their lives are going and listen to their stories. Simple enough, but when you have more work than hours available, I tend to ignore anything around me and plow through the day. 

After a couple weeks, I finally ordered my next key with "Compassion" on it and was thrilled to get it in the mail just last week. I put the two together and have worn them every single day. This morning I put them on and thought to myself, "I can't wait to see when God decides it's time for me to give these keys away," having no idea it would in fact be today. 

I joined a group of folks for dinner after work and we always end our time praying for each other. A gal newer to the group shared that she needed prayer for compassion. It was clear as day that she was who I was to give the keys to. I struggled with the thought of giving them away so soon, but knew that she needed them more than I did. It was such a sweet moment, to be able to pass the keys on to her, knowing that God used them to work His grace & compassion into my life and that He will do the same for her.


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