Remember to Breathe

Breathe. My girlfriend of 7 years battled with the loss of her father two years ago when she was 21. He left this world to the cruel hands of cancer leaving a void in everyone's heart. My girlfriend was devastated but she had to hold it together and take care of everyone else and she never got to grieve the way a child should for their parents. Last week her grandmother fell and fractured her hip. She recovered from the surgery but needs to rehabilitate and she's refusing medication. The 80+ year old woman wants to go home rather than being cared for at the hospital. Being that my girlfriend is the backbone of her family, she has been at the hospital from the beginning to the end of visiting hours, she's made countless calls to straighten out her grandmother's care and she has kept her family posted on every detail of her grandmother's road to recovery. She is only 23 and she never gets a chance to grieve. I bought her the key that reads "breathe" in hopes she will find the time to reflect, breathe and realize that it's ok for her to be a kid sometimes. She needs to breathe and take some burden off of her chest.