My Friend, Jami

A relatively new friend, Jami has quickly become as close as any "old" friend I have ever had. She is by far one of the most giving caring people that has ever dropped into my life. Absolutley tireless when it comes to thinking of ways to help and then doing them!
When I was at Catalyst in October of 2012 - I purchased a key in the Maker's Tent. I did not choose a "word" I wanted on my key instead I just looked for a cool key and thought I would let God take the word and send me on the journey to find a match for it. A lot more fun that way.
I ended up with the word FIGHT -- This past January my friend Jami decided she would make the attempt to stop smoking. I cannot imagine how ridiculously hard that would be. SO.. I passed on my key for her to wear during this FIGHT literally for her life!

She says it makes a big difference in keeping up the battle!