Left With BREATHE, It Was Meant To Be

To my dear sister Caitlin Crosby, the creator of "The Giving Keys". It was so nice to see you a few weeks ago when you were here in San Diego, talking about your wonderful keys. You so graciously left some keys for me and the kids. After the fight over who got which one, I was left with a beautiful gold one saying "Breathe". At the time, I was just excited to wear it with pride and loved explaining the meaning to anyone that asked.

After wearing it daily, for only 2 short weeks, I was reminded of a co-worker who's mother just had her lung removed after they discovered cancer. Her mother is still in the hospital today, recovering very slowly. My co-worker friend is struggling to keep herself together at work, as she is so stressed and worried about her mother. I saw her for the first time in a while this last Saturday. I could feel her pain, wondering if her mom will survive. At the end of the day I knew what I had to do. I pulled her aside, told her the story of the giving keys. I explained that it could not be a coincidence that I ended up with the key that said "Breathe". I told her she needed it for her, then hopefully when her mom is better, she can wear it. 

It felt good to give for no other reason then out of compassion and love for a hurting friend in need. This is such an amazing concept you have created, and you make me so proud to be your sister.

I love you Sis!

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