She Just Needed the Key

I had just bought my key at Storyline in San Diego-only had it 2 weeks. Honestly I kinda "hid" it so I would not have to give it to anyone. (: It said "inspire" on it. 

Fast forward 2 weeks... I was at a Captivating Retreat - Ransomed Heart Ministries in CO - and we had just had a session where we were led through an "encounter with God." Part of the encounter was imagining a place you LOVE, and God meeting you there. A dear friend of mine shared her encounter at dinner that evening. In tears, she told us the story of how she pictured a cabin she grew up in. There was so much loss as to what all has unfolded in regards to the cabin, but God was restoring it for her and told her He was giving her new "keys" to the cabin. With her head down, another friend looked at me with her eyes communicating "you are going to give her your key, right?" and I looked back at her while slightly tucking my key into my shirt in an effort to hide it. But, of course, I pulled it out of my shirt, took it off, and was holding it out in front of her as she looked up and said "so I guess I just need the key" (having no thought of MY key). Her teary eyes looked up toward us as I handed her my key... lots of TEARS!!! So ironically it was less about the word on the key and more about the key itself!! However, I think the word INSPIRE is loud and clear in this story. (:


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