My Rock

Our elderly parents have been in failing health for some time now. The family have been very involved in caring for them and moving them from their home to assisted living. For the last 18 months, my sister, Connie, and I have carried the heaviest part of the load in this life journey. She is my rock. Our father is now very close to death, and as the family have gathered around him, I have not always been the kind of person I wish I could be. In frustration and worry, I have talked too much or said things that I probably shouldn't have, but it is because I love them all so much and want to be able to comfort them. My sister is the one person who truly understands me, forgives me and loves me. She is hurting too, and I want to pay forward to her this LOVE key, given to me by my daughter, with the hope that it will bring her some comfort and show her my gratitude, my respect and my love for her.