Inspired to Create

My story begins about a year ago. My boyfriend who at the time was just my friend wore a Giving Key at Firefly Music Festival the entire festival. We were both at the festival, hanging out. We have been friends for several years and he told me about the key. He said he just got it and that he wanted to wear it at Firefly. The key says 'CREATE' on it and is a necklace. A few months after Firefly my boyfriend, Gary, asked me officially to be his girlfriend. Then in November I was struggling a little bit with school and I was getting frustrated. When night when we were hanging out he told me to shut my eyes and he put the necklace on me. He said that he wore it and created a great weekend with me at Firefly and that he wanted me to be inspired to create a great life for myself. That is when he told me all about The Giving Keys and what the company is all about. From then on I wear my key almost everyday. I just wore it at Firefly this year in honor of our story beginning. I'm excited to maybe give it away to someone else or start one on my own. I love the company and everything it's about.