Trusting What you Cannot See

Fourteen months ago, my 23 year old son, who is a twin, passed away. One of my dearest friends, who also has twins (that's how we met 22 years ago) gave me the key necklace that said "Faith" to remind me that even though I don't understand the pain I'm going through & the reason this tragedy happened to me, that God is still with me, feels my pain & will see me through until I one day get to Heaven to join my son for eternity with Jesus. 

A couple of years ago, I met a sweet girl that works at our church. Upon getting to know her, learned she's had quite the life, including foster homes & no steady adult figure in her life, let alone a Christian mentor. She says "By God's grace am I here & a Christian." She even had "By God's grace" tattooed on her as a reminder of what God can do in one's life. Next week, she is taking a true leap of faith to go to another country for 3 months to mentor & love on kids. She is giving up her home & her job to do so. She sold everything she owned to get enough money to go on this trip. She is trusting God fully for Him to work through her the next three months, even though the thought of once she comes back here that there's no house & no job waiting for her is scary. She has no one to "fall back on" for help. I am giving her my "FAITH" necklace at her "see-ya later" party as a reminder that Faith is trusting what you cannot see & God will handle all the details until it's time for her to go Home. Thank you for this idea! I can't wait to give it to her!