Focus on the Blessings

I got my first four keys within weeks of each other, and my husband plans on getting me another one! I've been saving up to get them for a while, ever since I heard Caitlin Crosby tweet about them. I own a charity craft business, and I knew this was right up my alley. My very first key said Thankful, which is a concept I base my life on. I wore it constantly, wondering when the inspiration to pay it forward would hit. And boy did it hit!

My oldest son lives in Las Vegas with his dad and stepmom during the school year, and comes home to us in Long Beach for holidays and summer vacation. I'm fortunate that his stepmom has become a great friend to me. She and I share our trials and triumphs almost on a daily basis, and she's been a great support system to our family as well. Lately, she's been going through some difficult times that have definitely tested her strength. While hanging out with my son on his spring break, I realized I wanted to give Alissa my key, and I knew she needed it. When we met with Alissa and Tim, I took her aside to explain what the key is, and give it to her. She was definitely Thankful. I truly hope the message gives her the much needed strength to know that life is tough, but she's tougher, and to just focus on the blessings. She's a wonderful addition to our entire extended family, and she deserves only the best things in life.

I have three more keys currently. I can't wait to see where they lead me!



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